Case Study

Carlyle Fire Hall


Q. What was the major benefit of using Insulated Concrete Forms over traditional construction methods?
A. “The benefit of using Insulated Concrete Forms is that the building consists of concrete walls used to achieve fire separation due to close proximities. The interior demising walls are built with 8” ICF and the building is also designed to be used as a post-disaster building. ICFs will lower operating costs, provide a constant indoor temperature due to their insulation properties and provide good sound mitigation. This is beneficial since the firefighters spend a substantial amount of time in the Fire Hall — to sleep or rest; in which ICFs offer that comfort. ICFs will also make the building disaster resilient, fire resistant, and durable, providing firefighters with security, confidence, and ample time to attend to emergencies without being restrained or affected by natural causes.”

Alleguard Advantage

  • Rigid continuous insulation.
  • Speed and ease of installation
  • Energy-efficient and sustainable
  • Lightweight, durable, and easy to handle
  • Innovative insulation solutions

“I really enjoy using Amvic ICF and it is my block of choice. I don’t have any challenges with Amvic. I like that Amvic has a high psi and seems more solid than other blocks. The foam is a higher density than other blocks I’ve used and is just less prone to blowing out." Safrane construction specializes in residential, commercial and industrial excavation, structural and flat work concrete. We have been in business for 12 years and have accumulated a large amount of diversified talent through the years.”

— Brannt Safinuk, Safrane Construction Ltd.

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