Health and Medicine

Our packaging solutions protect pharmaceuticals that require the greatest level of care and safety.

For Safety and Security, Rely on Alleguard

When pharmaceutical products are exposed to temperature variations due to packaging failures, it affects their quality, their efficacy, and most importantly, their safety. Alleguard’s pharmaceutical packaging solutions maintain a constant temperature, making them the gold standard for preserving the safety and security of sensitive pharmaceutical products. We create custom insulating and form-fitting packaging to protect sensitive pharmaceutical and life science products during transportation for hospitals, medical suppliers, device manufacturers, and researchers as well as clients in the pharmaceutical industry.

Safe and Secure When It Matters Most

Alleguard offers off-the-shelf, custom molded, and XPS packaging for sensitive pharmaceutical and life science products that depend on cold chain integrity, including vaccines, life-saving medications, lab specimens, biologics, diagnostic materials and more.

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Sustainability is one of our top priorities, both for our products themselves and for what our products make possible.