Engineering Services

Let our team of experts take your project from concept to expertly crafted solution.

Experience and Expertise At Your Service

Led by some of the most experienced personnel in the industry, Alleguard offers in-house engineering and design services for industries and projects of all varieties. We design, and fabricate innovative solutions that fit the exact requirements of your unique business need.

Our Commitment to Service

Multi-Material Approach

We have extensive experience working with a wide range of materials, from industry standards to cutting-edge polymers.

In-House Design Services

We offer in-house 3D modeling, CNC prototyping, and other services to fit your needs.

Comprehensive Testing

We have experience testing a variety of variables to meet industry standards or customized specifications.

Cutting Edge Design Software

We operate in the most current version of CAD and other up-to-date software for seamless integration with our CNC machinery.

Committed To Quality

At Alleguard, we work every day to produce the highest quality EPS solutions that help shape and grow your business. But our commitment to quality goes far beyond our products. We always strive to do the right thing by our customers, our partners, and our colleagues by being dependable, collaborative, and accountable in all of our actions.

The Alleguard Advantage

With a combined 60-year history and proven track record of supporting our customers’ visions, Alleguard is strategically built from the ground up to expand and shape your business. Whether you’re in construction, protective packaging, cold-chain or other industries, we are relentless in going the extra mile to help your business succeed.