Retaining Wall

When dealing with a steep slope, using soil alone behind a retaining wall poses a risk of excessive weight, compromises ground stability and settling along with other unknowns. Lightweight EPS Geofoam is becoming more and more popular among engineers for use in retaining wall construction.

High compressive strength

Reduces lateral pressure


Geofoam in Retaining Wall Applications

Geofoam blocks offer a lightweight fill that won’t wash away or add excessive weight behind a retaining wall. It also limits horizontal forces that can damage buried structures. Geofoam ultimately provides a more stable slope that’s more safer and more cost-effective than soil.

Why EPS?

EPS has high R-value retention, is fully recyclable, and is easily customizable. EPS is made without ozone-harming compounds or any kind of dye. It is available in a variety of compressive strengths and has superior bonding capabilities. Best of all, EPS will save you time and money. So the real question is: Why not EPS?


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