Committed to the Future

Sustainability is one of our top priorities. We’re driven to identify new environmentally advantageous materials and methods of production and operating.

Creating Products That Protect The Future

We pride ourselves on being good stewards of our environment and customers’ visions. EPS helps create a more sustainable world by making buildings more energy efficient, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preventing product damage and waste, and reducing shipping fuel usage, just to name a few. Alleguard’s international network of facilities and multi-material capabilities enable us to supply the full range of products including Biodegradable Foam, Expanded Resins and Recycled EPS.

Biodegradable Foam

Biodegradable EPS Foam offers all of the benefits of traditional EPS – high compressive strength, energy efficiency, and sustained performance – and it’s 92% biodegradable. Biodegradable Foams can be substituted for EPS in applications from packaging to insulation.

Recycled EPS

EPS is a closed-cell foam which means it retains performative qualities through several lifecycles. Recycled EPS offers all of the benefits of virgin product at a reduced cost.

Recycling Begins with Us

Through the EPS Industry Alliance, Alleguard can provide a list of EPS Drop-Off recycling centers around the country. Explore the map to find a recycling center near you.