Civil Engineering

Alleguard products help lighten the load of complex infrastructure projects including road construction, retaining walls, bridge abutments, railway and airfield pavement.

Build Better with Alleguard

Alleguard Geofoam block & fabrication solutions improve infrastructure projects by reducing stress on both structures and humans. Geofoam can be produced to meet different compressive resistance needs and its light weight reduces stress on underlying subgrades, reducing settlement and improving stability.

We also make your job easier with our innovative approach to providing custom solutions at a lower cost. We partner with geotechnical and engineering programs at many well-respected universities for certification-level testing for all of our infrastructure products. We also provide continuing education through our AIA-certified continuing education course on the benefits of EPS.

From any of our block & fabrication facilities in the United States and Canada, we can provide the right solution for any project, no matter the scope.

See Alleguard in Action

Sustainability is one of our top priorities, both for our products themselves and for what our products make possible.