Graphite Polystyrene (GPS)

Graphite Polystyrene is created by integrating graphite particles into EPS. The graphite particles increase thermal performance compared to conventional EPS.

Long-term R-value retention

Superior moisture control

Easy to handle

Energy efficient

Environmentally friendly

Energy-Efficient, Cost-Effective, Easy to Use

Graphite Polystyrene, or GPS, provides increased R-value for various remodeling and new construction applications, such as behind new siding, below grade, and below slab insulation.

GPS can be laminated with a reflective film on both sides which increases board strength and flexibility while reducing site damage and waste. Graphite Polystyrene comes in larger, more flexible sheets, improving job site efficiency and reducing labor costs.

GPS can also be used in insulated shipping containers due to the products higher R-Value, for use in the pharmaceutical industry.


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