Ampex: Insulated Radiant Floor Heating Panel

Our Radiant Floor Heating panels are easier to install, more durable, and provides uniform heat transfer for an efficient, comfortable space.

Quick Installation

Added Durability

Even Head Distribution

Range of R-Values

Cost Effective

Insulated Radiant Floor Panel

Our Radiant Floor Heating Panels combine rigid insulation, a vapor barrier and a PEX tubing locking mechanism into a single solution that significantly reduces installation time. Our patented “mushroom” shaped nubs lock PEX tubing in place without staples or zip ties. Customers will appreciate how quickly surfaces reach the desired temperature thanks to a larger contact area for tubing and concrete.

  • Four sided interlocking shiplap connectors
  • HIPS film acts as a vapor barrier and adds durability
  • Bridge connectors enable better heat distribution
  • Mushroom nubs firmly locks the tubing in place
  • Available in a range of R-values and compressive strengths

Product Features

Ampex Product Data Sheet

R10, R12, R14, and R16
Compressive Strength
Residential: 30 psi (207 kPa)
Commercial: 45 psi (310 kPa)
Heavy Commercial*: 60psi (414 kPa)

*Available as special order, please contact your local rep for details.
Vapor Permeance
Residential: 0.42 US perms (23.8 ng/Pa.s.m2)
Commercial: 0.31 US perms (17.5 ng/Pa.s.m2)


Heating system for basements and other living areas e.g. kitchen, bathroom etc.

Snow and ice melt applications for driveways, patios and walkways

Tall wall applications such as retail, gymnasium, banquet halls etc.

Automobile establishments including garages, car washes and dealerships

Agricultural applications such as workshops and barns

Heated floors in distribution centres, manufacturing assembly and storage

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Why Use Ampex?

Plumbers & Contractors

Durable panel with easy walk-in installation enabling increased job-site efficiency.


Innovative panel design with a mushroom-nub technology ensuring a durable, quick and simple install.


Save time, labor on your radiant hydronic heating installations and achieve faster completion dates.


Uniform heat transfer for an efficient, comfortable and warm living space.

The Alleguard Advantage

With a combined 60-year history and proven track record of supporting our customers’ visions, Alleguard is strategically built from the ground up to expand and shape your business. Whether you’re in construction, protective packaging, cold-chain or other industries, we are relentless in going the extra mile to help your business succeed.

About EPS

EPS has high R-value retention, is fully recyclable, and is easily customizable. EPS is made without ozone-harming compounds or any kind of dye. It is available in a variety of compressive strengths and has superior bonding capabilities. Best of all, EPS will save you time and money. So the real question is: Why not EPS?

Ampex Panel Benefits

The innovative patented panel design ensures that the tubing is completely encased in concrete and not pushed to the bottom of the panel through the use of bridge connectors. The larger contact area between the tubing and the concrete allows for increased heat transfer reducing the response time of the system and helping achieve desired temperatures faster.

Improved Thermal Comfort

Consistent grid pattern of the panel allows for uniform heat distribution.

Durable Installation

The nub height accommodates multiple tube sizes and protects the tubing from damage when the panel is walked upon by other trades.

Reduces waste at sight

Light and manageable panel size reduces waste due to damage on site.

Quick & Easy Installation

Quick and easy walk-in installation of PEX tubing without the need for staples and zip ties and completely eliminating the strain of working at 45 degree angles.

Built-in Vapor Barrier

The large, four-sided interlocking shiplap connector system makes for a quick, easy and secure installation while maintaining the continuity of the vapor barrier and eliminating the need for a dedicated 6 mil. polyethylene (unless specifically required by local building code).

Ampex Projects & Applications

Shaping A More Sustainable World

Sustainability is one of our top priorities, both for our products themselves and for what our products make possible. Manufactured without ozone-damaging compounds, recyclable and endlessly reusable, EPS has a smaller carbon footprint and results in less pollution than the manufacturing of alternative materials. And EPS helps create a more sustainable world by making buildings more energy efficient, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preventing product damage and waste, and reducing shipping fuel usage, just to name a few. We’re constantly working to find new ways to be good stewards of our customers’ visions and of our environment.


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