Holey Board

Alleguard Holey Board is fabricated from premium EPS specifically for lightweight insulated concrete roofing needs and is quality inspected to exceed ASTM requirements.

Customized Hole Pattern

Variable Densities

Cost Efficiency

Easy Installation

Stable R-Value

Premium EPS Holey Board

Made of premium EPS, Alleguard’s Holey Board is designed for use in lightweight concrete insulating roofing systems. Energy-efficient, cost-effective, water-resistant Holey Board has outstanding compressive strength and R-value retention. It’s available in a variety of densities and thicknesses and can be customized with any hole pattern to fit your needs.

Why EPS?

EPS is superior to XPS in almost every way. EPS has higher R-value retention, absorbs less moisture, is fully recyclable, and is more easily customizable. EPS is made without ozone-harming compounds or any kind of dye. It has more potential compressive strength and has superior bonding capabilities. Best of all, EPS will save you more time and money. So the real question is: Why not EPS?


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