Marine and Safety

Alleguard’s lightweight, shock-absorbent, cost-effective foam solutions is the ultimate choice for safety and floatation.

Safe for People and the Environment

Alleguard specializes in providing new and better ways to serve the marine and safety industries with sustainable, durable EPS. Buoyant EPS blocks that stand up to extreme marine environments are the ultimate choice for floating structures. And our custom-designed, lightweight, shock-absorbent components help protect children and adults as part of many safety products.

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Safe on Land and Sea

Alleguard has served the marine and safety industries for decades. We engineer high-performing products for aquatic applications from floating docks to surfboards. And we help keep people safe on shore and off with expertly designed protective components for recreational helmets, life preservers, sports equipment, and car seats.

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Sustainability is one of our top priorities, both for our products themselves and for what our products make possible.