OEM Packaging Solutions

Alleguard creates cost-effective, custom OEM protective packaging solutions for a wide range of products and industries.

OEM Solutions For Every Industry

Alleguard specializes in designing and producing custom OEM packaging solutions. Our cost-effective, high-performance foam solutions are recyclable to achieve your sustainability needs. Whatever your need might be, we can create it.

Our OEM Packaging Products

We have the facilities and expertise to create the solution that fits the unique needs of your industry and your products. We design and produce custom OEM packaging solutions for a diverse spectrum of industries, including…

Automotive Learn More


As automotive technology evolves, so does Alleguard’s industry-leading array of automotive solutions. We have decades of experience designing and manufacturing custom OEM components for the unique needs of the automotive industry.

Appliance Learn More


Alleguard’s custom OEM appliance components block sound and provide thermal regulation for high-performing appliance products including refrigerators, washers, dryers, convection ovens, microwave ovens, and more.

HVAC & Plumbing Products Learn More

HVAC & Plumbing Products

Specialized protective packaging and component solutions for HVAC and plumbing products requires packaging and product design specialists. Alleguard’s in-house team of experts partner with you to create a custom solution that’s high-performing and affordable.

Spa & Hot Tub Inserts Learn More

Spa & Hot Tub Inserts

Alleguard is a leader in creating custom cover inserts for both hot tub manufacturers and resellers.


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