Case Study

Student Multistory Residence in Waterloo

We want to build structures that are the best in their class, energy efficient and with a focus on speed of construction using newer building technologies.


Question and Answer with Owner

Q: What was the major benefit of using Amvic ICF over conventional construction?

A: This building combines both ICF and conventional methods. Using ICF meant quicker construction, superior long term energy efficiency and long term life cycle.

Q: Why did you choose Amvic?

A: We found that Amvic was the strongest ICF product on the market, provided a variety of block sizes, also product quality combined with quick and efficient service motivated the decision.

Q: How long was the ICF construction process?

A: The ICF component of the construction process was 5 months.


Benefits of ICF use in the commercial Highrise Sector

  • Speed and ease of construction with less labour required
  • Lower long term operating and maintenance costs, achieving ROI more quickly
  • Mold and mildew resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Structural Integrity
  • Improved environmental performance

At 14 storeys, this is the highest load-bearing ICF structure in North America to date.

— John Krzic

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