Case Study

Heathwood Homes Country Lane Community

Q&A with the builder

Q. What were the major benefits of using Amvic over other sheathing and rigid board materials?

A. The major benefit of using SilveRboard® Graphite Rigid Board Insulation is that it is light weight and durable on the job site reducing breakage. We find it extremely easy to tape joints and edges. It also provides a superior weather tight envelope.

Q. Why did you choose Amvic?

A. We chose Amvic because the SilveRboard® Graphite gives us a competitive advantage to builders that want to construct their homes better than the 2017 OBC standard for energy savings. With SilveRboard® Graphite and good building techniques, we are able to exceed those requirements by 15% or more! We are also pleased with the relationship we have with Amvic.


Builder Quote

“Heathwood has been known for high-quality construction and some of the most energy-efficient homes in Ontario. We have made a commitment to not just give back to the communities in which we build, but to help preserve the environment for generations to come. Amvic’s SilveRboard® Graphite rigid board insulation contributes to our “Green Homes Wall System” because it is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. The insulation enhances the structural strength of the house, minimizes thermal bridging, and provides a better-insulated house compared to homes built to Ontario Building Code (OBC) standards. We pride ourselves in building homes that are greener, delivering a comfortable, energy-efficient lifestyle for the homeowner.”

– Rocco Longo, Superintendent, Heathwood Homes


Alleguard Advantage

  • Speed and ease of construction
  • Enhanced wind resistance
  • “Breathable”
  • Significantly lower maintenance
  • Continuous thermal break
  • ‘Best in class’ tape adhesion
  • Air barrier compliant (when taped)
  • Available in 8/9/foot lengths
  • Significantly reduces damage and repairs
  • Mold and mildew resistant

SilveRboard® Graphite rigid board insulation enhances the structural strength of the house, minimizes thermal bridging and provides a better insulated house.

— Rocco Longo, Heathwood Homes

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