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Boulder Farms Town Homes

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Q. What was the major benefit of using Insulated Concrete Forms over traditional construction methods?

A. While everyone is already well aware of the common advantages of ICF and how it is superior to traditional construction methods in numerous ways, this project highlights the dramatic difference in terms of sustainability and energy performance through the use of ICF construction when compared to wood construction. Due to the circumstances of how this project transitioned from wood to ICF, there was already an existing Fourplex structure built with the wood of the same similar design on this property. Once the first group of new ICF Fourplexes was added to the same property, a rare opportunity was presented to compare two similar designs built side by side and constructed with completely different building systems. When comparing the electricity bills between the two structures, the ICF structures had a difference of nearly a 50% reduction in energy consumption.

Installer Quote

“The builder already had a pre-existing relationship with the owner of this project and the builder was the key in convincing the owner to proceed with ICF for this project. The contractor researched several brands. He concluded that Amvic’s EPS foam density exceeded all other brands and the spacing of the ties at 6” O.C. made AMVIC the best solution. In addition, AMVIC provided the best Feedback and Support of all the manufacturers. It was through the Builder and Architect feedback that it was formally decided to select AMVIC ICF as the preferred ICF brand for this project.

Architectura SA (ASA) prides itself on being an ICF-centric Architectural Firm and always believes in educating and promoting the advantages of ICF in the majority of their projects. ASA and the Builder worked together in facilitating a design and demonstrated to the owner how it could be feasible to build faster and cheaper through the use of Insulated Concrete Forms. It was through this collaboration that the owner became aware of the possibilities and energy-efficient advantages through the use of ICF and pressed the project team to move forward and deliver. Once completed….the owner is now convinced that there was no better way to build for all upcoming projects.”

– Jose Calzada, AIA, Architectura S.A.

Alleguard Advantage

  • Rigid continuous insulation
  • Speed and ease of installation
  • Energy-efficient and sustainable
  • Lightweight, durable, and easy to handle
  • Innovative insulation solutions

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