Case Study

Best Western Hotel

Q&A with the Owner

Q – You have been in the hotel industry for 20 years and you have previously owned 2 hotels. Please comment on the difference in operating costs you see as a result of ICF construction.

A – I am seeing approximately 20% savings in operating costs.

Q – Would you recommend ICF construction for others in the hospitality industry?

A – I would most definitely recommend ICF construction for others, customer satisfaction is much greater and my ROI is better. In fact I have already influenced two other hotel owners to go with ICF.

Q – What were the major benefits of ICF construction that made you choose it over conventional construction?

A – The major benefits were the reduced operating costs, followed by the quiet and comfortable stay for customers since I am so close to a major highway.


Benefits of ICF use in the Hospitality Sector

  • Considerably reduced operating costs
  • ROI is achieved much more quickly
  • Quicker construction time and less labor required
  • Quiet and comfortable stay for guests
  • Improved environmental performance

This is a 3 storey hotel with 59 rooms, conference rooms and an indoor pool. We have the same operating costs as the motel next door which is half the size, without a pool.

— Amrat Patel, Hotel Owner

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