Leader in Protective Foam Solutions Launches New Name Alleguard Going into 2023

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Comprising six legacy companies, Alleguard has extensive industry expertise and geographic reach to better meet customer needs

Brentwood, TN, December 12, 2022. The company formerly known as Foam Holdings will move forward into the new year with a new name: Alleguard. From block and fabrication to shape mold solutions, Alleguard’s products and engineering expertise protects people’s safety, comfort, and health for industries across the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

“At Alleguard, we’re built from the ground up to expand and shape our customers’ businesses. We understand the diversity of challenges that customers are facing across different industries, from confidence in their supply chain to needing the latest innovations at their fingertips. These challenges are also opportunities,” said Dusty McNab, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Alleguard. “Whether our customers are in construction, protective packaging, cold-chain or other industries, we are dedicated to providing the same level of outstanding customer service they’ve been accustomed to with Foam Holdings and our legacy companies,” continued McNab.

Alleguard has a combined 60-year history and experience addressing customers’ needs with expertise in numerous materials, including EPS, EPP, Arcel, Biodegradable Resins, and Thermal Resistant Resins. The company serves both shape mold and block and fabrication needs across industries and creates substrate solutions across an incredibly diverse range of industries, including construction, automotive, civil engineering, appliances, cold chain and more. With 16 plants in three countries, Alleguard’s geographic reach provides a significant advantage for customers.  

“Our large network means that we can offer redundancy and handle surge demands for our customers—with just one partnership, customers can feel confident that Alleguard will grow their business and be a loyal partner,” said Kurt Arbeen, Vice President, Sales – Shape Molding.

This acquisition and new name fit into Alleguard’s culture of relentless customer service, forward-thinking innovation and allegiance to its employees and partners. With strict adherence to ASTM and other industry standards, Alleguard’s products are certified for added confidence and business protection. Additionally, they continuously pursue industry-leading sustainability practices.

“Our engineers across locations collaborate on projects and designs, so that innovations from one market can benefit all of our customers, regardless of their industry or where they are,” said Arbeen.

Alleguard is proud to expand its network and offer this new, integrated brand to customers, employees, suppliers, and stakeholders.

Media Contact: Laura Catalan

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