Updated Design Standards: Staying Current with Prescriptive Requirements

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The PCA 100-2207 is a consensus standard that was developed by the PCA’s National Standards Development Committee which operates under PCA’s American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved “Procedures for the Development and Maintenance of Portland Cement Association Standards”.  The consensus process of PCA for promulgating standards is accredited by ANSI. Therefore the PCA 100-2007 is set to be adopted by the upcoming ICC 2009 International Residential Code (International Code Council).

The Amvic technical department has reviewed this new standard and acknowledges several enhancements over its predecessor in terms of technical details.  Some of these include:

  • More accurate description of the limitations of using this new standard and the structures which fall under such limitations.
  • Inclusion of tables for alternative reinforcing bar specs/size/spacing to the ones already prescribed in order to accommodate different situations.
  • Reinforcing bar schedules for below and above grade walls are easier to read and interpret.
  • Provides more in-depth details of minimum solid wall lengths required for different wind and seismic criteria as well as layout of reinforcing bars at wall ends.
  • Includes details on nail spacing for wood frame + cold formed steel framed floor diaphragms.
  • Provides more detailed tables for lintels including those subjected to uplift forces from roof system.
  • Included two new appendices which include ASD (allowable stress design) + LRFD (load resistance factored design) tables and load combinations for concrete wall connections to light framed floor/ceiling/roof systems.

Amvic recommends the use of the new “Prescriptive Design of Exterior Concrete Walls for one and Two Family Dwellings” ref PCA 100-27. Copies will be available in Amvic’s technical binders in the very near future.

The new “Prescriptive Design of Exterior Concrete Walls for one and Two Family Dwellings” ref PCA 100-27 can be purchased at the PCA Bookstore.

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