Quality Over Quantity: PCBC’s Commitment to Excellence

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With the slowdown in the housing industry, predictably the attendance at the Pacific Coast Builders Conference (PCBC) dropped from prior years by reportedly 25-30%. While the traffic decrease was noticeable in the booth, the quality and awareness of the prospects was up from prior years. People seemed to be more knowledgeable, interested and were asking good questions regarding specific projects.

The event was also very useful as a validation for clients we are already working with. Many came into the booth for meetings and to discuss projects currently in progress.  During these difficult times, our customers are encouraged that we are continuing to support them and help them build business.

The market for Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) in commercial/multi-unit residential is still underdeveloped in most areas of the west coast.  PCBC appears to be helping raise awareness among more advanced builders which is allowing this market segment to gain traction.

Despite the decline in numbers, we expect see more real business develop out of the exposure at PCBC this year than in other years.  Overall, PCBC remains one of the strongest lead generation activities California, and maybe even the West in general.

Thanks to Bill Juhl of Amvic-Pacific for providing feedback for this entry.

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