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McMunn and Yates Contractor Training with Amvic Building System

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McMunn and Yates Head Office, Headingly, MB

When constructing with ICF’s, understanding the building code requirements and how to properly install ICF’s are important factors for getting the job done right and efficiently. Supplying quality products is only the beginning. Amvic goes beyond, offering quality service and providing professionals with installation techniques, technical information and product training to help make their job easier.

One of the opportunities that Amvic had the pleasure of delivering on-site training to was McMunn and Yates Building Supplies’ head office in Manitoba. Troy Corbett, Territory Sales Manager at Amvic Building System, and Marty McCartney, Amvic Technical Training Manager organized a one day training session to spread their industry and product knowledge onto contractors. 26 Contractors attended the training and spent the day learning about the advantages of Amvic products, how to install ICF’s, understanding building code requirements, and overall, becoming familiar with the recommended ICF building practices.

Offering training and development to contractors and installers is essential in expanding knowledge and improving performance. Amvic takes pride in providing this opportunity to anyone wanting to participate and reap the benefits of hands on training with specialized technical personnel. Amvic will continue offering training in several locations across North America, giving contractors the opportunity to develop efficient methods to build to a higher standard with Amvic Building System.

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