Recycling EPS

Alleguard is diligent about recycling and keeping EPS out of landfills.

What We’re Doing

EPS is sustainably manufactured, recyclable, energy efficient, and endlessly reusable. Alleguard works with customers to gather used EPS product for recycling, and we’re constantly exploring ways to expand our efforts. We also recycle all our scrap for internal use.

Alleguard produces and provides recycled foam solutions and are always seeking new partnerships and innovations to increase the recycled content in our products.

We also capture emissions from foam production, providing our entire network with key learnings to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Looking to have your own EPS recycled?

Recycling Centers

Through the EPS Industry Alliance, Alleguard offers drop-off EPS recycling at centers around the country. Explore the map to find a recycling center near you.

LEED Certification

In accordance with USGBC standards, Alleguard EPS Panels and Geofoam may provide LEED points for construction projects. If you have any questions regarding Alleguard’s LEED® eligibility, please contact us or visit to learn more about the LEED rating system.