Case Study

Maple Street Duplex

Q&A with the builder

Q. What was the major benefit of using Amvic ICF over conventional construction?

A. We chose ICF over conventional construction due to the benefits that ICF provides. The client wanted a sound-dampening product, that was also durable and provided constant temperature control. ICF requires less material and still provides more sound attenuation than typical conventional construction assemblies.

Q. Why did you choose Amvic’s Insulated Concrete Forms?

A. Amvic’s ICF  is economically priced yet provides a competitively better R value of R 30 which is great when wanting to build an energy-efficient home. We also like the 8″ on center spacing for attaching drywall and the Amvic ICF R30 plus block is also thicker which is more durable during the concrete pour.


Installer Quote

“Straight Up Construction has been in business for over 15 years specializing in residential building. We continue to provide customers and homeowners with quality and satisfaction by constantly staying informed with building codes and industry trends to ensure that we offer our clients the most energy-efficient, comfortable lifestyle. Amvic allows us to achieve and exceed building code requirements which is why this home is 20% more efficient by achieving step code 3 requirements on the path of net zero-ready new construction. Being close to the train tracks; the sound reduction was also achieved using ICF which is beneficial for the client and the tenants as well..”

– Nathan Weston, Straight Up Construction


Alleguard Advantage

  • Durability
  • Speed and ease of installation
  • Eliminates breakage and replacement
  • Less labor required
  • Significantly lower operational costs
  • Sound Attenuation
  • Energy Efficiency

Amvic ICF allows us to achieve and exceed building code requirements which is why this home is 20% more efficient.

— Nathan Weston, Straight Up Construction

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