Case Study

ICF Home by Blue Green Building

Q&A with the builder

Q. What was the major benefit of using Amvic ICF over conventional construction?

A. We chose ICF over conventional construction due to all of the great benefits. We build high performance custom homes and ICF’s help make them low maintenance with better structural integrity. ICFs also offer higher R-value, better sound quality and most importantly comfort for homeowners.

Q. Why did you choose Amvic’s Insulated Concrete Forms?

A. Amvic ICFs overall design is great to work with, it is reversible, and helps with productivity on the job site. We used the Amvic ICF R30 block for the highest R-value available and the thickness of the block helps with pouring large walls by being more stable than standard forms.


Installer Quote

“I was a property manager in Boston for over 5 years. When you mentioned comfort and how ICF’s create stable temperatures and soundproofing, I wish all the buildings were made from ICF’s to obtain the maximum comfort and soundproofing for all the tenants in both the residential and commercial spaces that I managed. This is one of the biggest reasons is why I decided become a contractor and start building great quality ICF structures throughout Massachusetts. I have taken on the task of building ICF homes in the South Shore/Cape Cod area in Massachusetts to introduce people in the area to the great benefits that ICF construction has to offer.”

– Daniel Pokora, Blue Green Building Concepts


The Amvic Advantage

  • Durability
  • Speed and ease of installation
  • Eliminates breakage and replacement
  • Less labour required
  • Significantly lower operational costs
  • Sound Attenuation
  • Disaster Resilience

I wish all buildings were made from ICF's to obtain the maximum comfort and soundproofing for tenants in both residential and commercial spaces

— Daniel Pokora, Blue Green Building Concepts

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